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Camp rules

Camp rules

To contribute to the conservation of our camp “El Sotz”, it is necessary to bring to your attention the
following guidelines:

If your choice of lodging is a tent, you will be given, free of charge, one whistle per tent. This might be
necessary for communication between guests and our staff in the event of an emergency. We require you not to give them to children, are no toys.
There are trashcans located all over the camp grounds, we remind you to deposit all type of trash in
these containers and help us preserve the area in optimal conditions.
The tropical humid forest is at your disposition for taking strolls, pictures, enjoying the natural
surroundings and getting to know our flora and fauna. It is strictly forbidden to feed the animals that
may appear on the grounds. We are responsible to protect all wildlife!
Cutting flowers and plants for its beauty is restricted as well.
Starting a fire is not allowed under any circumstances; this includes barbeque grills, fires on the ground,
gas lamps and portable gas kitchens, etc. Our camping tent rentals are equipped with a light and we
have a restaurant service with an excellent choice of food and beverages. No food and beverages are
allowed outside the restaurant premises.
We strongly recommend you to bring your own flashlight which will become very handy in the evenings
when you walk to and from the bathroom area. Remember you are in the jungle.

We would like to request from our guests that are staying at the eco-cabin or the suite to make proper
and efficient use of the electricity. When you are not in the room don’t leave the lights and fans on.
To protect the environment, the bed linens and towels are changed every three days.
When using the WC services do not deposit any toilet paper or other strange objects in the toilet, they
may tamper the pipelines.
If you are traveling with children, their safety and care is the responsibility of their parents or legal
guardians. “El Sotz” eco-camp is not liable for any incidents.
In this hotel we are against the sexual exploitation of children in tourism trips.
Check-in starts at 15:00 hours.
Check-out is at noon.
In the event of a cancellation, it must be done written via e-mail eight days prior in order to qualify for a
100% refund. If there is a cancellation with less than eight days notice, there will be no refunds.
Thank you for choosing “El Sotz” eco-camp for your vacations. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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